"Icy Bay Lodge is so remote, few people have ever fished our waters"

Virtually inaccessible to anyone else, Icy Bay Lodge is located 60 miles from the town of Yakutat and any other lodges. We are truly remote and raw Alaska. The only other folks you see all week are other guests from our lodge!

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True alaskan backcountry fly-fishing adventure! Once in a lifetime experience!!

Icy Bay is a body of water in SE Alaska, formed in the last 100 years by the rapid retreat of the Guyot, Yahtse, and Tyndall Glaciers. It is part of the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. A century-long glacial retreat has opened a bay more than 30 miles long thus creating one of the finest fisheries in the world.

Nestled in the Saint Elias Mountain Range, the world’s tallest coastal mountain range, Mt. St. Elias climbs an astonishing 18,008 feet out of the ocean creating some of the most spectacular scenery on planet Earth.

More Interesting Facts about our surroundings: 

  • The City and Borough of Yakutat, the nearest town to Icy Bay Lodge, covers an area 6 times the size of Rhode Island, making it one of the largest "counties" in the United States with a population of 662 residents.
  • The Hubbard Glacier located within the borough, is North America's largest tide-water glacier.
  • Mt. St. Elias has an elevation of 18,008 ft (5,489 meters) with a grade of 50-60% on the upper slopes. It is the highest peak in the world so close to tidewater and the 2nd highest peak in the United States making it the 4th highest in all of North America. 
  • Mt. St. Elias contains the worlds largest non-polar ice fields
  • Wrangell-St. Elias which Icy Bay Lodge back up to, is the 2nd largest national park in the United States covering 13.2 million acres, of which, 5 million are permanently covered with snow and ice.

National Geographic labeled Icy Bay one of the 10 treasures of the world!

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Imagine that perfect silver. 

Imagine fighting fat, bright Silvers till your arms ache. Imagine a catch so bountiful you can cherry pick the best of the best and still bring home your limit. Imagine wading through brown bear prints to get to that sweet spot on the river. Imagine fishing a stretch of river where you, your guides, and your friends are utterly alone. Imagine that perfect cast.  Imagine that tight line.  Imagine that perfect Silver.

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Imagine grabbing a thermos of hot coffee (or the makings of a Bloody Mary) as you board a 40′ landing craft at dawn.

Imagine heading out into open water under the blue Alaska sky to reel in the elusive halibut from deep below the boat. Imagine reeling in your limit of halibut and king salmon by the time you’re hungry for dinner. Imagine the Alaska sunshine overhead as you watch moose, bear, seals and whales from the only boat within eyesight – yours. Imagine the tall tales you’ll tell back home when you invite your friends over to dine on the monster you landed in Alaska.

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A wilderness adventure awaits you at Icy Bay Lodge! 

Imagine kayak tours, glacier viewing, whale watching, and panning for gold. Imagine traveling through an Alaska rain forest on game trails few humans have ever trekked. Imagine kayaking among seals as they sun atop icebergs in a glacier choked fjord while watching majestic eagles soar in the endless Alaska skies. Imagine the thrill when a thunderous mountain of ice spills into the bay creating a gentle swell under your boat that gently rocks you and, at the same time, takes your breath away. Imagine the serenity – no tour boats, no cruise ships, no crowds – just the vast, spectacular wild of your Alaska dreams.

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