PACKING TIPS: Weather can be temperamental up North with ever changing conditions ranging from sunny 70’s to rainy lows of 40 degrees or cooler. Our clothing strategy is the “layering system.”

1.  Start with light, medium or expedition weight thermal underwear or long johns. Keep your metabolism and personal comfort in mind.

2.  Wool, Poly Pro, or Fleece sweater, shirt or pullover.

3.  If needed an additional vest, wind stopper jacket or fleece pullover.

4.  Your final layer should be your rain gear, (pants and jacket). Fall Coho (Fly Fishing): chest high waders are recommended.

5.  Kneehigh muck boots or rubber boots for fishing in the Summer on the boat. Even on non rainy days the deck of the boat will get wet so keeping feet dry is a must.

*By utilizing this layer system you should be prepared for any condition at Icy Bay Lodge. We suggest 3 full sets of layered clothing. We do have limited laundry service available if needed. Most common mistake is overpacking but remember, you will pretty much wear the same gear on the boat or on the river every day. Back at the lodge it is also the case that you wear the same comfortable pants and sweater/hoodie/jacket. Clean undies and socks are a good idea! 

**We strongly suggest avoiding cotton garments for any of these layers.


•  SOCKS: Anglers should bring at least enough socks to rotate on a daily basis. Wool, Polypro, or a synthetic combination are good choices.

•  CAMP SHOES: Comfortable shoes to wear after you get out of your rain gear. Crocs are a lodge favorite.

•  FISHING HAT(S): A ball cap or oil treated cotton hat is good for sunny weather and a beanie or stocking cap for colder weather.


•  POLARIZED GLASSES: Amber or brown.

•  DAY PACK: Preferably a dry bag to put valuable like cameras, reels, extra jacket or sweater, etc…

•  Cameras/GoPro's, etc.

•  Fly fishermen in the Fall: waders and wading boots (Felt bottom boots are not allowed)

•  Any medications that you may need - getting any such items is not possible at Icy Bay Lodge although we do keep plenty of first aid gear in camp in case of an emergency including aspirin, ibuprofrin, etc.

Very Important to Note: All packing needs to be 1 soft duffel bag under 50lbs + 1 small carry-on. This is due to the weight limit of the air taxi to the lodge. Plus you need to have room for fish boxes on the return flight.


Underwear and loungewear/pajamas Toiletries: shaving kit, toothbrush, etc.

Sunscreen, bug spray, lip balm, hand cream, digital camera with plenty of storage capacity, flashlight or headlamp, batteries, prescription glasses, binoculars, knife, cash/travelers checks/credit cards, wallet, pen & paper, RX drugs


The only way to get to Icy Bay Lodge is via plane. It requires you to fly into the city of Seattle on any major carrier and then take Alaska Airlines  into the town of Yakutat. 

Arrival: Book Flight 61 on the first day of your trip which is typically Sunday. This flights gets into Yakutat at 10:30AM

Departure: Book Flight 66 on the following Saturday which departs Yakutat at 6:30PM

Air Taxi from Yakutat to Icy Bay Lodge is not included in the package price. Cost per RT depends on the group or groups coming and going but one can expect the RT fare to be between 350.00 and 450.00 per person.

Flight services are provided by Yakutat Coastal Airlines (907) 784-3831. We suggest contacting them direct to set up payment and to confirm your flight. We will also make sure that your flight itineraries are forwarded to them as they will meet you upon arrival and help transport your gear to their plane.


There are several hotels in Seattle walking distance from the terminal and are very convenient. The Red Lion is always a dependable choice (206) 246 5535. AAA rates also apply.


All guests at Icy Bay Lodge are required to have a current Alaska fishing license. We recommend purchasing your license prior to traveling to the lodge on the Alaska Department of Fish & Game website:  http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=license.main

You need to purchase a nonresident 7 day sport fish license and if you also plan on trolling for King Salmon a King Salmon Stamp is required regardless of whether or not you plan on keeping your catch.


TRAVELING LIGHT: Now comes the hard part: packing everything you need into two duffels. Please try to bring soft luggage due to convenience of the air taxi service. Alaska Airlines does not count your fishing tackle box as an extra piece of luggage. Go to their website and look under sporting goods for the latest regulations. Commercial airlines have 50 lb weight restrictions on luggage so be prepared to pay $50 for an extra piece of luggage.

In your carry-on bring your most important items like medications and a change of undergarments in case of lost luggage. We have extra sets of waders in case of emergency. Also, be sure to make known any special dietary needs or health problems in advance.

IN YAKUTAT: When you arrive in Yakutat make sure you have your fishing license before flying out to Icy Bay Lodge. You also want bring any hard liquor with you as the price of hard liquor in Yakutat is very expensive. You can buy beer, fishing license, flies and lures at Yakutat Lodge. Flies, rods and all related fly fishing gear can also be purchased at Situk River Fly Shop next to Alsek Air Taxi. All of this is located right on the airport property.

When boarding the air taxi be prepared to land in Icy Bay with rain gear and waders easily accessible.

We want you to have a pleasant experience at Icy Bay Lodge. We are sure that your stay with us will be a true RAW ALASKAN EXPERIANCE. It is imperative that you make airline and hotel reservations well in advance. Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or require any additional information or assistance in planning your trip.