More spectacular than you’ve ever imagined, a wilderness adventure from Icy Bay Lodge will redefine your idea of big and wild Alaska.  

A lot of lodges boast about their “remote” locations but these same lodges are surrounded by other so-called “remote” lodges – so much so, in fact, that guests and guides from various lodges often see and talk with each other every day. That is NEVER the case at Icy Bay Lodge. The closest lodge to ours is a full 60 miles away and, apart from the occasional float plane or Coast Guard helicopter, you won’t see another soul who isn’t staying at Icy Bay Lodge.

Whether you’re here to fish, hunt, camp, kayak, hike, or just breathe in the midnight sun – we’ve got it all available for your dream Wilderness Adventure.

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Wildlife in and around Icy Bay Lodge:

Brown Bear & Black Bear


Waterfowl & Birds of Prey